Charlie Thomas

Songwriter | Producer | Mix Engineer

If you would like to hire Charlie, need more information on any of the services he offers or want to discuss a project in more detail then please email:


Charlie is a very experienced and knowledgeable sound engineer with many years of working in the music industry under his belt. He is available for hire and his rates are reasonable and negotiable depending on the project. He has worked in many different studios across London and has recorded thousands of hours of music over his career. Because of this he is very adaptable to new spaces, always professional and proficient in working on many different music styles.

Charlie also offers a professional and comprehensive online mixing and mastering service. His studio 'Back Row' contains some of the finest equipment - both physical and digital - the industry has to offer. His rates are competitive and negotiable depending on budget and project size.

Charlie has also gained a huge amount of knowledge in music production over the years and has produced tracks for many different artists in many different genres. He has an amazing collection of fine instruments, high end software and a vast library of samples and digital instruments used by some of the biggest names in the business.

Charlie is also a very proficient songwriter and material he is writing is gaining huge interest from some of the biggest record and publishing labels in the industry. He is influenced by many different music styles and is always looking to collaborate with new talents.